Membership Fees and Costs

Membership Fees and Costs

BGGC Membership runs for 12 months and the membership year commences at the start of April each year. If you join part way through the year you will pay a pro-rata membership rate, unless you take advantage of one of our packaged memberships which run for 12 months from your joining date (in which case you will pay pro-rata for the 2nd year of membership).

Membership Fees

Membership Type Notes Membership
Adult Includes Retired and Family members £485 p.a.
Junior 18-26 years old £260 p.a
Country Resident more than 75 Miles from the club £300 p.a
Student In full time education £200 p.a
Cadet Under 18 years old £130 p.a.
Reciprocal Full members of other BGA clubs £15/day
Associate Limited to 6 dual flights/year £70 p.a.

All fees and costs current as of 1st April 2019 and are subject to change.

Solo and Beyond Packages

 Type Notes Membership
Solo and Beyond


Includes 12 months membership, 60 winch launches, 6 Aerotows (2000ft) and all soaring costs in club gliders Adult: £1250

Junior: £1000

Cadet: £900

Available to those with no (or minimal) previous experience

Launching & Soaring Costs

Winch Launch

Note: SLMG pay equivalent winch launch fee

Basic: £10.00

Pilots with Silver C or higher qualification: £15.00

Aerotow Launch Pawnee: £30.00 to 1,000ft, £1.00 / 100ft above 1,000ft
Soaring Costs (club gliders)

Note: Maximum charge 3 hrs soaring for any flight

Two Seaters: £0.45/min

Ka8: First 30 mins free, then £0.23/min

Grob: £0.35 /min,  LS4: £0.45/min

Tug Hire Training:  £3.00/min

A/T Retrieve:  £3.00/min


Other Costs

Landing Fees

Powered Aircraft, TMG, Rotary

With Prior Permission: £18.00

Without Prior Permission: £40

Trailer & Caravan Trailer slot with electric: £303  p.a plus electric costs

Trailer slot, no electric: £285 p.a.

Caravan: £312 p.a.

Glider in South Hanger or  T-Hanger £702 p.a (Gliders)

£798 p.a (Motor Gliders)

Powered A/C (own Hanger) £821 p.a
Club Glider Hire Reservation (on site): £5/day

Club 2 Seaters (off site): £62/day

Club Single Seater (off site): £58/day

Workshop  £10 / day

(subject to availability)

Double Room:£20/night

Instructor Flat: £500/month


Affordable Flying Membership

The Bristol & Gloucestershire G.C. is a Community Amateur Sports Club. If you would like to fly with us, but are worried about the cost, please contact the office (in confidence) to discuss available options. Schemes are available from £520pa for eligible applicants.