Membership Fees and Costs

Membership Fees and Costs


BGGC Membership runs for 12 months and the membership year commences at the start of April each year. If you join part way through the year you will pay a pro-rata membership rate, unless you take advantage of one of our packaged memberships which run for 12 months from your joining date (in which case you will pay pro-rata for the 2nd year of membership).

Download this document for a full breakdown of costs and fees:

Membership Fees

Note that fees will increase from 1st April 2019

Membership Type Notes Membership
Adult £464 p.a.
Family Two Adult flying members £788 p.a
Junior 18-26 years old £232 p.a
Retired Drawing State Pension £395 p.a
Country Resident more than 50 Miles from the club £395 p.a
Student In full time education £140 p.a
Cadet Under 18 years old £93 p.a.
Reciprocal Full members of other BGA clubs £12/day or £60 for 90 days
Associate Limited to 6 dual flights/year £64 p.a.

Special Rates

 Cadet Scheme Winch Launch £6.25,  soaring at 35p/minute
Bristol University Winch Launch £8.00,  soaring at 35p/minute
Affordable Flying Membership The Bristol & Gloucestershire G.C. is a Community Amateur Sports Club. If you would like to fly with us, but are worried about the cost, please contact the office (in confidence) to discuss available options.Schemes are available from £520pa for eligible applicants.

Other Costs

Winch Launch £9.00
Aerotow Launch Pawnee: £20.50 to 1,000ft, £1.00 / 100ft above 1,000ft

EuroFox: Special Introductory rate £15.00 to 2000ft, £1.00/1000 ft

Soaring Costs  Varies by Glider and flight time. Please see full cost document (above) for details
Caravan £312  p.a
Trailer (with electric) £303  p.a plus electric costs
Trailer (no electric) £285 pa.
Glider in South Hanger or  T Hanger £702 p.a (Gliders)

£798 p.a (Motor Gliders)

Powered aircraft in own Hanger £821 p.a
Reciprocal £12/day or £60 for 90 days
Associate £62 p.a.

All fees and costs current as of 1st Dec 2018 and are subject to change.