BGGC Gliding Holidays and Training Weeks

Inclusive Gliding Courses

If you have no previous experience, or maybe have been on other holiday courses, our all inclusive course can be a great vacation or an ideal introduction to the sport. Established in 1957 the BGGC airfield at Nymspfield is situated on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment, overlooking the Severn Valley, right on the Cotswold Way.

The course fee includes a package of launches, flying fees and all instruction. Come and join us for a memorable holiday at one of the most scenic gliding sites in the UK.

Dedicated Learning Weeks


For those who have already made a start and are members of a gliding club (BGGC or other BGA club) and want to accelerate their training we offer an intensive weeks gliding with our professional instructor. Why not spend a few days away from weekend flying lists where you can get consistent and focussed instruction? You will benefit from a limited pupil:instructor ratio, with training tailored to progress you to the next stage, whether that is perfecting your co-ordination,  going solo or completing your Bronze Certificate or LAPL(S).  

Advanced Coaching and Master Class

Improve your cross country flying and soaring skills with a week of coaching from a world class competition pilot. We run guest coaching weeks with some of the UK's best pilots. With a mixture of two-seat training, ground lectures and mentored task flying this week will help you hone your skills.

If you want to prepare for a competition, move on to your next badge flight or simply fly further and faster then this makes an ideal forum for improving your abilities and getting the best out of your glider.