Wednesday & Thursday 20 & 21 May

Wednesday was hot and blue to a maximum of around 3000 feet.  Most people found it unpleasantly hot in the air though reasonably soarable.  A weak cold front went through overnight and Thursday had cumulus at up to 4,500 feet with good thermals between 11.30 and 4.00 with a complete shutoff at 5.00 as the next front approached, preventing 500 Km but leaving plenty of time for 300.  All this was well forecast by Sid and others so I am surprised that 19 people flew on Wednesday but very few on Thursday.  Geralyn tugged on Wednesday so is well back in practice, thanks to Steve Eyles for standing in on Thursday morning and for Nick for then towing later.

Steve Kohnstamm has made an excellent foot operated hand sanitiser dispenser that must be kept at the launch point.  Please use it.



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