Wednesday 29th May – Club Class Update

Sat 25th.  Steve, Alison, Xtophe, Tim and myself lined up with a guest appearance from ‘sniffer’ James.

HusBos- Buckingham – Elkstone, 250km.  Initially all seemed OK, however the weather shot 31 out of 32 down, most within 20km of home.  Xtophe came a creditable 3rd with Steve, Alison and myself 7km from home.

Sun 25th.  Scrubbed.

Mon 26th.  Marlborough – Radstock – Mere, 187km.  Really hardwork with 20+knot westerly.  Only I got back out of the NYM gang at 18:20 having started an hour after I wanted to.  Have awarded myself my ‘Bronze’  badge for patience after this one.

Tues 26th.  Hereford – Tetbury South, 128km.

A late start while cloud and damp air cleared.  Brilliant flying thereafter, even if was only for a little over an hour.  Nympsfield looked brilliant on passing on both outbound and return legs.

Most did >100kph, Jake led at 121kph!

Wed 27th.  Scrubbed.  Steve is off to Bowland with 748, Xtophe is doing his ‘chores’ and I am writing this.

The rest of the week looks mixed.

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