Wednesday 1st May

Tuesday saw a dozen single seaters achieving successful tasks as far as Gransden (no land outs, but at least one engine start!), and the dedicated learning week made progress in often poor visibility.

So today (Wednesday) the forecast was rain, and lots of it. However, it started bright so we set the field up, and after yesterdays activity we had the airfield to ourselves. We launched ASAP to take advantage of the better conditions, and found ourselves continuing when the bad weather skirted us and even brightened up.

Richard Moore is progressing well after a dozen launches (last flew 40 years ago!).

Simon Ford (paraglider pilot) had a fantastic day, where everything fell into place. Following several excellent landings, and a couple of LFs I sent him SOLO!! Lovely flight, and landing.

A very productive day, which just goes to show you can’t always trust the weatherman!


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