Thursday Evening – 9th Jan – Happy New Year

Happy 2020. Xtophe was still on his hols but the rest of Thursday evening team braved the appallingly wet & foggy weather with several missing the turn into the club & having to find somewhere to turn round & come back. Tim & Andy D had done the repairs to the K21 wing & aileron, then done any painting needed before Xmas. Both wings had been hard waxed for the first time in years so the dust sheets on the fus could be removed to start putting the K21 back together. At the rear end Tony and Andrew W oiled the hinges and refitted the rudder. At the other end Dave C & Kevin started reinstalling the seat pans. Unfortunately a small pool of hydraulic oil indicated an issue with the wheelbrake master cylinder. Further investigation suggested a problem with the seals so the cylinder needed to be removed to identify manufacturer & part numbers. The evening came to an end with the front seat pans refitted but the rear waiting for new brake seals. Ian H had a quiet evening in the Kitchen cooking Spag Bol.

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