Thursday Evening 15th March

Maintenancewise just a few bits of paperwork and a FLARM upgrade to finish the annual on P70.

Its old ARC has not yet expired so it can now be flown. (New ARC arriving shortly)

That’s the 2-seater fleet done for another year.

Many thanks to Tim & his team for the DG505.

Many, many thanks to Sid for most of the work on P70, for organising tasks for the rest of us and for the donation of a serviceable Turn & Slip.

And thanks also to the usual suspects on Thursdays:-

Andy Ward; Carol Smith; Dave Parsons; Ian Hey; Martin Carolan; Peter Fabian; Tony Gillett (And Jake); Xtophe and occasionally Henry Mo.

Yet more thanks go to Nick Baldock, Andy Davis, Steve Parker & co who quietly repaired the wing of the baby Grob, and did the annual ARC to get it flying again.

If I’ve missed anyone and they feel upset they can buy me a drink to make up.

In the next few weeks we will take the DG off line to sort out its variometry, and its undercarriage!

We’ll also be doing the Annual on the club LS4

(Andy Ward cooked some South African dish with Quorn replacing the dead animals)



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