Thursday Evening – 12th Dec

In the cold & damp “Old” workshop, Pete, Andrew W & Tony worked on the buggies.

In the cool Tug hangar Xtophe worked on the K21 tailplane

In the warm Tug workshop Kevin cleaned the cockpit floors, cleaned all the control runs & re-applied lubrication to all the moveable bits of the control linkages. Andy D continued with masking the wing tip ready for painting. Coming in from the cold Xtophe checked the weight of the repaired Aileron, and did a check on the mass balance. It all seems to be OK & almost ready to refit

Carol cooked Xmas dinner.

Due to other commitments thats probably the last Thursday evening maintenance for 2019. Many thanks to all those who have helped out during the year. We will reconvene on Thursday 8th Jan. A few bits & bobs will probably get done on the K21 in the meantime

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