Thursday Evening 11th April

A productive(ish) evening.

Tim & Xtophe proceeded with the glass repair on the underside of MY.

Tony & Kevin changed the tailwheel of the baby Grob.

Pete F worked on the buggies

Andy W cooked

The most common reason for tailwheel tubes failing is starting the day with the tyre soft. Please make sure there is air in the tyre as part of the DI. This would be much easier if the foot pump that has been taken from the tug workshop was returned. Changing the tailwheel on EKF is actually fairly straight forwards. There are six small screws that allow the whole tailwheel box to be removed, then a single bolt (axle) and nut hold the tailwheel into the box. Changing the tailwheel again would be much simpler if the Screwdrivers & spanners that have been removed from the tug hangar were returned.

Many thanks to Tim for taking Xtophe through the LS4 repair

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