The Glorius Twelfth

The Glorious Twelfth

Drift Correct. 

There were multiple cadets and P2’s – maybe due to rumours of a K21. 

The ridge was working well allowing lots of soaring flights. 

The K21 flew. 

Greg started shortlisting his potential employees for 2019 – Flying with 2 visitors. 

A trial lesson was not disappointed after driving an hour only not to have his trial lesson – as he sampled the winch and ridge. 

Several private owners flew. 

Including Norman’s new FES – remember to hook on with the canopy Open on a FES. 

Gordon winched – And reminded us to drift correct. 

Alison, Greg and Steve instructed. 

Tug pilot was stood down. 

Xtophe helped clear up the last cable break in the dark. 

Drift Correct. 


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