Sunday 22 March – Flying Suspended until further notice

Reflecting the rapidly worsening Coronavirus Covid-19 situation, the recent hardening of government guidance on social distancing for everybody and the requirement to avoid all non essential travel, your Committee has unanimously decided to suspend all flying operations at BGGC with immediate effect until further notice.
Members may continue to access the airfield for maintenance purposes. Members may continue to use club workshop facilities for maintenance purposes, preferably one person at a time or in groups of two keeping a minimum safe distance of 2 metres apart unless unavoidable. Private owners wishing to use club workshops may only do so when booked with the office and specifically approved. This is to ensure that only one private owner is in the workshop at any one time.
The clubhouse is out of bounds except for collecting or depositing equipment or keys.
For the time being pending review members may use club toilet facilities bearing in mind the potential for transmission of the virus in a shared facility.
At all times when using shared equipment or tools, they must be sanitised before and after use.
No member may attend the club within 7 days of showing any symptom of Covid-19 infection nor if they have been in contact with a confirmed case within the last 14 days.
A revised policy statement will be issued within the next 48 hours. Your Committee will continue to monitor the situation and revise this guidance as and when required.
Please stay safe and keep well.
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