Sunday 1st December

According to the Met office it was the first day of winter. Forecast was for a cloudy start & cold. It was indeed really, really cold with the car saying -2 on the way to Nym. The hangar was unpacked with frost on the glider wings and canopies misting. Cleaning & polishing the canopies seemed to stop the misting so we were OK to start by about 10ish. Dave Ascroft & Rob Thompson took early high tows to head off to the South Downs, but Rob turned back early because of the low cloud. The low cloud continued to be an issue with Steve K threading his trial lessons in 913 up through the gaps. Peiman had the first 2-seater ride to be checked out for the Baby Grob. Chris E was short of instructing hours so he took over the Big Grob for the rest of the day. Peiman flew EKF later in the day, Oli S converted to the Cirrus, Xtophe flew HGG, Ben P flew MY, and Graham M also converted to the Baby Grob. Many thanks to Martin T for driving the tug, and to Nick Baldock for the winch launches.

On the downside we had to replace both DV panel rails on the front canopy of P70. Please be careful when opening the DV panel, especially in this cold weather when the perspex is less resilient to abuse. (A DV panel costs about £50)

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