Sid’s Task Week

Seven contest days out of eight, with three days over 300k – a record..! On Thursday the rather energy-draining weather enabled a 357k of NYM-GRM-GRW-DID-NYM to be completed by everyone, won by Pete Bagnall at 87,4kph (H’cap). The ‘B’ Class managed 254K NYM-LED-BUC-DID-NYM, won by Alan Montague at 70,2kph. Friday saw Russ Francis win the rather more difficult (due to sea-air) 294k NYM-STU-BAS-BAD-NYM at 86,6kph in a ‘borrowed’ ‘MY’ with no electric vario, with Carol winning the 215k NYM-WES-DID-BAD-NYM for the ‘B’ Class at 78.8kph – her fastest ever X/c speed ..! The final day on Saturday saw Carol once again win the 212km NYM-LAS-NYM at 64,7kph and Alison won the ‘A’ Class with an undeclared 518km at 77kph. Pete ”the pirate’ Startup won the ‘A’ class overall and Carol the ‘B’ Class. Thanks to all participants for making this a very sucessful week. Sid

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