Saturday 21st / Sunday 22nd July


Moderately busy on the training front.  Kevin, Xtophe and George held the fort with the help of Seb in the winch and Steve Moss in the tug.  Pretty muggy all day with some local soaring thrown in.

The new Trial Lesson safety video was premiered getting a good reaction.


David Jesty, Carole and I instructed.  Scottie drove the winch and Graham tugged.

A limited number of ‘ab-initio’ pilots but a number of checks for low hours cadets.  Kevin derigged a K8 ready for its annual and completed an additional inspection of EKF when someone demonstrated a great circuit but forgot the relative importance of completing the round out before meeting the ground.  No damage resulted, only dented pride.

Reasonable soaring locally although only Richard flew away from the site reporting unexciting conditions down to Keevil although that improved on the way back with a really nice looking sky locally by 1600.




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