Saturday 18th January 2020

For the first time in ages and ages we likely have  a number of flyable days in a row.  The BBC described it as the first substantial (1047 mbar) anti-cyclone since September.

Steve Moss, Harry Bloxham and Norman Parry completed annual checks all having not flown in gliders for a little while.  All demonstrated they could still fly.  On the training front Peiman and Patrick both progressed.  A small handful of private gliders appeared, interesting because it wasn’t at all soarable.  Nine minutes was probably the longest flight.

Tomorrow (Sunday 19th) should be another ‘nice’ day.  Great for training and early solo flights.

On the ground Winchmaster Fred introduced a number of potential winch drivers to the great art.  Remember without them we cannot fly.

With the Pawnee having its annual, and it may be out for a while, the Supacub was pulled blinking into the sun.  Unfortunately it was all too much for it and it decided to ‘go tech’ with the engine resolutely refusing to start.


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