Saturday 16 May 2020

We flew!  Well, those did who were lucky enough to be able to organise ourselves at very short notice and sufficiently experienced/in practice to be able to fly solo without check flights.  Hopefully we obeyed all the Covid 19 rules and will continue to do so to keep everyone safe.  Everyone I saw was behaving very sensibly and carefully.  I sincereley hope that the rules will soon be relaxed to allow all Club members to fly.  Andy Davis will no doubt continue keep everyone informed of developments.

Saturday was a very good soarable day with about 4 knots to 5500 feet for 7 hours.  Several of us with Turbos felt able to fly XC, a lot of testing went on first!  The first three places on the National Ladder were Nympsfield pilots, lead by Rob Thompson.  Those with pure gliders were very cautious as who knows what reception a out landing might get.

Let us hope for more good soarable weather but much more important, stay safe.


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