Sat / Sun 2nd / 3rd


A good ridge day with picturesque views of the snowy Cotswolds. Sid sorted out the inspection of the underside of 913 so two 2-seaters were flying most of the day. Various instructors sat in the back and the front seats were occupied by BGGC P2s and visitors attracted by the Junior Team’s presentations.

Alison flew her LS4 climbing from the ridge into wave. Kevin had a couple of attempts to start the Turbo (920) after its annual then climbed into the bottom of the wave the easy way.

The baby grob was also flown and soared the ridges. Squirrels were suitably annoyed by fibreglass whisling past at high speeds.


A less promising soaring forecast than Saturday but at least flyable early on. A bitterly cold start provided entertainment with attempts to move the stranded winch but this was eventually abandoned at the bottom of the peri-track. The 2nd winch was extracted and Scott took it to the West end while we DI’d the gliders (Gordon, Scott has your phone!). The DG & K21 were once again pressed into service with Xtophe flying a couple of BUGC trial lessons (Sabrina & Bawan) & Kevin doing check flights in the K21. Starting the day Matt Millard passed a couple of launch failure checks before being sent solo in the K21. Later Will Cooper gave up the K8 to drive the winch for a bit so Scott could complete his annual winch check at the “right” end of the cable. Scott then went back to the “wrong” end of the cable to do the last few launches and get Anson’s  annual winch checks out of the way. Xtophe finished the day with a few instructional flights with Ed in the DG505.

Flying stopped in the end when drizzle & low cloud returned & temperatures started to plummet.

Many thanks to all who braved the cold weather, especially the newcomers, to keep the launchpoint running. Especially Scott for his efforts in the winch & retrieving both winches at the end of the day.

Once again congratulations to Mat Millard on his 1st Solo.


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