Merry Xmas Everyone!

Merry Xmas to all members, and sincere thanks to everyone who has helped keep the club running this year. To all the volunteers who helped instruct, winch launch, tow, run trial lessons, and all the other tasks round the launch point, to all who helped maintain, repair and fettle the aircraft, machinery, airfield and buildings, to the infrastructure teams working on things like finance, electrics, plumbing, health & safety, heating, PC’s, network, social media and websites, to the bar team, the cadet programme team, the competition & inter-club teams, and especially to our hard working committee.

Also many thanks to our professional staff who run the office, provide our winch launch facility & instruct mid week and to all those who help maintain and clean the club.

It takes a vast amount of effort to allow us to enjoy our gliding.

Let’s hope the wet Autumn and Winter means we’ll have another hot Spring & Summer! Meanwhile over the holiday tell all your friends and relatives about our Trial Lessons and Holiday Courses – details on the website.

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