Sunday 22 March – Flying Suspended until further notice

Reflecting the rapidly worsening Coronavirus Covid-19 situation, the recent hardening of government guidance on social distancing for everybody and the requirement to avoid all non essential travel, your Committee has unanimously decided to suspend all flying operations at BGGC with immediate effect until further notice. Members may continue to access the airfield for maintenance purposes. Members may continue to use club workshop facilities for maintenance purposes, preferably one person at a time ...
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Club News and Social

Saturday 29th June

Lots of sun, blue skies and hot, very hot.  Who doesn’t welcome weather like this? Well, apart from the school girl who runs Extinction Rebellion and wants to ban cars, aeroplanes and and make everyone adopt an Amish lifestyle, me. Not because I want to return to the 18th century, but because the air-conditioning under the rear canopy of a K21 doesn’t prevent you from being slowly barbequed when the ...
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