Saturday 18th January 2020

For the first time in ages and ages we likely have  a number of flyable days in a row.  The BBC described it as the first substantial (1047 mbar) anti-cyclone since September. Steve Moss, Harry Bloxham and Norman Parry completed annual checks all having not flown in gliders for a little while.  All demonstrated they could still fly.  On the training front Peiman and Patrick both progressed.  A small handful ...
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Farnborough Airspace introduced in Feb

Sadly the new airspace around Farnborough comes into force on 27th Feb, This affects the area around Lasham,  Petersfield and Parham, so will potentially affect flights down to IoW and South Downs as well as anyone turning TP’s in the Lasham area. Please see the AIC here … 002_en.pdf  for the definitive details. The airspace on ASSelect has being updated  so please make sure you update your Oudie/LX or other moving maps ...
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Club News and Social

Wednesday 23 Oct

I was wrong. I would have scrubbed this morning if I could have done but 11 students were already on there way.  We towed the gliders out in fog so thick that we nearly got lost on the airfield.  At 1 o’clock it cleared, at 1.15 the high cover from the approaching front cut off what little heat there was from the sun so if it hadn’t cleared by then ...
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Evening Party 3rd of October

Even less people this Thursday with holiday for some. Tony worked on a buggy removing the head. Christophe, and Andrew worked on the K21 undercarriage. Ian on the big GROB as well as cooking spaghetti bolognese and crumble for dessert. Christophe needs to improve at hide and seek 🙂 ...
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Other News

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