Fund Raising Inititiatives

Gift Aid for Voluntary Work or other Donations

If you undertake any voluntary duty for the club and you are a UK taxpayer then "Gift Aid" can be used to claim tax back from the government. This means any time you travel to the club solely to help out (eg instructing, winch driving, maintaining etc), so long as you do not fly for your own pleasure that day, then your mileage can be used to reclaim "Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid

The BGGC is a Community Aided Sports Club (CASC) and as such can claim tax back from Her Majesties Customs and Revenue (HMRC) against donations made to it. If any income (or capital gains) tax paying member travels in order to work for or at the club rather than do their own flying, then they can claim the travel expense, donate it back to the club and request that the donation is ‘Gift Aided’. For the typical income tax payer paying 20% on their income, 25% of the donation is returned to the club.

The club’s Gift Aid Scheme started at the end of April 2017 and as of autumn 2018 over £17,000 had been recovered from HMRC. Much of this has been retrospective claims, but when the retrospective claims have all been dealt with a steady income of about £2,500 per annum should remain.

Free "Cashback" to BGGC from your online spending

The club is registered with a ‘Free to use Online Shopping Website’. For those of you not familiar with them there are a number of such websites that pass commission they get from retailers to good causes such as the BGGC.

If you decide to buy something online, then rather than going direct to the retailer, you access their website through the ‘Free to use online shopping website’. Once you are through to your retailer of choice you make your purchase in the usual way. The ‘Free to use online shopping website’ then claims a small commission from the retailer and passes that to the clubs’ bank account. This does not cost you anything extra!

The company we are using is this one:

Click the Logo or type easyfundraising into Google and take it from there.

Please use this site whenever you buy online. It currently supports over 3,500 shops and websites including Amazon, ebay, Tesco, Sainsburys, John Lewis, indeed most of the big names, so it should be rare you fail to find the one you want.

The site is easy to use but if have any doubts, queries, or difficulties please contact:

Gift Aid is EASY!

Step 1: e-mail your name to

Step 2: Fill in the Gift Aid Declaration Form you will then receive by e-mail.

Step 3: Return the Gift Aid Declaration Form, preferably by e-mail.

Step 4: Fill in the claim form you will have been sent each time you travel to the club to work (rather than fly) and when it’s full return it to

A blank copy of the spreadsheet it available HERE:Expense Donation & Gift Aid Claim Form

That’s it! Please get involved NOW....

Once it’s set up, which takes just a few minutes, adding claims as you incur them is quicker than filling in a logbook.

If you don’t live far away and travel expense is modest or you only work for the club infrequently, it doesn’t matter, the scheme is all about lots of us making lots of small claims.

If you have any questions or doubts then e-mail :


Cashback – Free Money for the BGGC

Free donations for BGGC at over 3,500 shops and sites

1. From groceries to getaways, any time you shop online go to ‘easyfundraising’ first. Put ‘easyfundraising’ into your PC browser or download the ‘easyfundraising’ App to your Tablet or Phone, then sign up and select Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding as your Cause.
2. Search for the shop or site you want and you'll be taken to it. Everything's the same, so you shop as normal.
3. When you check out the BGGC collects a free donation and it doesn't cost you a penny extra!


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 Get the Donation Reminder

If you shop using a PC then download ‘easyfundraising‘ Donation Reminder . This will automatically let you know if a donation is available as you shop on your laptop or PC without going through the ‘easyfundraising’ site.
The Donation Reminder does not record your Credit Card details or result in ‘Pop Up Ad’s’ or result in anything else undesirable.

Click here: Donation Reminder


Join now and collect donations for the Bristol & Gloucestershire Gliding Club