2020: Entry List now closed….!

8th to 15th Aug(Was July 25th to 1st Aug)

Please note: All participants should have received a briefing sheet setting out the COVID restrictions that apply

A formally arranged crew is essential this year due to Covid19 restrictions

If visiting, there are currently no on-site catering facilities or accommodation available, although Camping/Caravanning is permitted under the restrictions published

£5 discount for last years entrants..!

For 2020 my Task Week will be along the usual lines with Tasks set for Pundit and Intermediate classes
Scoring will be by the Nat Ladder system, as this doesn’t over-penalise someone for doing an exceptionally enterprising task or for an achievement on a ‘non contest day’ – in these circumstances, anything other than my set task will be scored as undeclared.

The intention is to set tasks that the majority can get round, allowing for the range of experience and performance – I will not set a formal task if it is likely to result in a high proportion of landouts.

On a good day, ‘A’ class will be set 500k. ‘B’ 300k if reasonably straightforward.

There is no ‘C’ Class this year, due to lack of interest

I may also have the ‘Club’ Nimbus 3DT available all week, so let me know if you are interested in accompanying me from the back seat..! (This will depend upon the Covid19 restrictions in place at the time)

Launching will be by winch or aerotow, depending upon availability

There will be no launch priority given to Task Week entrants beyond that normally covered by the Weekend Grid Rota.

Please apply directly to me including the following details – entry limited to first 20 applicants:
Pilots Name(s), Glider type, Glider Registration, Club (if non-local), E-mail address for correspondance, Mobile number (for use during the week), £15 entry fee (£10 for last years entrants) – Cheques payable to ‘I. Smith’ please

25 Ash Grove, Upton St Leonards, Gloucester GL4 8BH

Entry List

Entry List to Date:

Carol Discus 2 ‘921’

Pete (Northill) Discus ‘230’

Simon (Northill) ASW20cl ‘SM’

Phil (Northill) Duo Discus ‘DD3’

Rob (Seahawk GC) Pegase ‘EVM’

Alan DG300 ‘FSR’

Wyn (Northill) LS7 ‘W7’

Graham ASW27 ‘172’

David LS8 18 ‘EZ’

Norman Silent 2 ‘LEC’

Greg LS4 ‘264’

Pete discus ‘158’

James Discus ‘364’

Steve LS8 ‘LT’

Alison LS4 ‘LS4’

Xtophe Std Cirrus ‘HGG’

Simon Discus2 ‘X9’

Russ LS8 18m ‘660’

John (Northill) Ventus Ct ‘JB’

Jon ASW20 ‘669’