Nympsfield Fly-In, June 2018

To many powered aircraft pilots, gliding sites are a bit of a mystery because they tend to be no go areas. This summer we plan to organise a fly-in at BGGC, Nympsfield, to try and show what goes on there and to introduce more people to the great facilities on the airfield. It is about 80 acres on the top of the Cotswolds with a fabulous gliding club, a large clubhouse and a very nice cafe with a huge variety of "cake" :D

Access to the field for  GA is normally restricted because of the activities there, so this is a good opportunity for an exchange of information and views between different groups of aviation enthusiasts .

Planned Date 5th/6th June or 12/13th June

While the site at Nympsfield can be challenging (for all types of aircraft powered or not!) five GA aircraft are based at Nympsfield, and nosewheel aircraft are regularly in and out to visit Roger Targett Aviation. Pilots who have not flown in previously must get a detailed briefing which will be available. If you take note of the briefing you may avoid some of the pitfalls.

The date for the Fly-in will be Tues 5th - Wed 6th June. In the event of bad weather we will try again on Tues 12th - Wed 13th June. Please note this event is strictly PPR, contact details and latest information is on the Flyer Forum. 

For background you can read our general briefing notes here. For registered pilots a detailed briefing pack will be prepared and we will have a club member providing an a/g service. Arrival and departure slots will be scheduled to avoid peak glider launching times, but expected a mix of gliders and powered aircraft to be operating at any time.


If you want to stay over, camping facilities or space for your touring caravan will be available on site and we will prepare a b&b list. Good cafe and bar on site.  Please pre-register or ask questions via the Flyer Forum, stating the type of aircraft you will use, POB and your accommodation requirements.

Final details are being confirmed, but we expect  something on the following lines:-

  1. Nice sunny warm day with lights winds.
  2. A detailed briefing pack for arrivals and departures.
  3. An informal talk about the Gliding activity.
  4. The cafe will be open all day & the club bar in the evening!
  5. A (resident) Super Cub sit in and make brmm brmm noises.
  6. For those that want to give it a try - a glider flight(Costs TBC).
  7. Overnight camping, local b&b or a pitch for your touring caravan.
  8. An evening do in the club with a meal.
  9. Breakfast.