BGGC, Nympsfield, Saturday 2nd February 2019

The British Junior Gliding Team will host a series of Workshops and Talks of interest to glider pilots of all ages and experience during the early part of 2019 in order to raise funds for Junior Team competition expenses. On Saturday 2nd February they will be visiting Nympsfield and our very own Jake Brattle along with the other Junior Team pilots Simon Brown, Peter Carter, Finn Sleigh, Clement Allen and Henry Inigo-Jones will be presenting the programme  below.

The event is for members of the Bristol & Gloucestershire Gliding Club and neighbouring gliding and flying clubs. There is no charge for entry but those attending are respectfully requested to contribute to the British Junior Gliding Team fund via the team’s crowd funding page. The team members will be on hand with laptops throughout the day to help you contribute.

We will need to have an idea of numbers so if you wish to attend, please notify us which talks and workshops you will attend and if you require evening meal to:

We look forward to seeing you on 2nd February.

1400 – Workshop on How to fly Cross Country faster

The workshop will include a detailed look at:

  • The very important basics – handling and look out techniques
  • How to prepare for a flight effectively using British team planning techniques
  • How to choose when to start
  • A detailed look at speed to fly – (please bring your own glider’s polar, a pencil and a ruler with you)
  • Routing + thermal selection – with pictures from real life routing dilemm
  • Centring techniques – a close look at common mistakes, how to adapt to conditions
  • Getting low – how to focus your attention and what to look for
  • Efficient final glides – Including a look at some real traces
  • How to carry out effective post flight analysis – we will show you how to best analyse all of your flights
  • Self development techniques

This workshop should last approximately 2-3hrs with regular breaks. The Junior Team recommends everyone bring note taking materials. They will have some hand-outs for attendees to complete too.

1730 - A workshop on flying your first competition:

  • What preparations you need to do beforehand,
  • We will show you how the British Team plan a flight,
  • We will show you how to plan an AAT,
  • How to plan for terrain and weather changes and airspace,
  • Mental approach and objectives,
  • Post flight analysis in a competition,
  • Self development.

This workshop will last 1 hour.

1845 - Dinner in the Old Flying Club Café

The evening menu will be a curry buffet including a vegetarian option.

1945 -After Dinner Talk

Following dinner there will be a talk on a topic to be decided by the majority of attendees on either of the following:

  • Preparations of the British Junior Team for the Worlds 2019
  • OR, Use of equipment for XC and competition flying

The evening talk will last approximately 1 hour. All finished by 2100.

All workshops and talks will be held in the lounge of the Nympsfield bar. The bar itself will be open in the evening for soft and alcoholic drinks. The café will be open during the day with the normal daily menu. The Workshops and Talks should be of interest to glider pilots and aviators of any age and experience level.