Latest Committee News

Sunday 22 March – Flying Suspended until further notice

Reflecting the rapidly worsening Coronavirus Covid-19 situation, the recent hardening of government guidance on social distancing for everybody and the requirement to avoid all non essential travel, your Committee has unanimously decided to suspend all flying operations at BGGC with immediate effect until further notice. Members may continue to access the ...
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Thursday Evening Party 27th of February

In the new workshop Ian, Tony, Christoph and Dave worked on  P70,s annual which is progressing well. Pete work in the old workshop servicing a buggy as well as fighting of hypothermia !  Andrew was on cooking duties ...
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October Dates for the Diary

Just a reminder, as notified in recent emails, please reserve two dates for your diary in October
  • Saturday 12th Oct 2019 at 6:00 pm there will be a formal General Meeting to discuss and vote on the future direction for aero-tow provision at Nympsfield
  • Saturday 19th Oct 2019 at ...
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