Latest Committee News

Corvid 19 Policy 28/3/20

The latest Corvid-19 policy and arrangements can be found here. To assist the club members are asked to ensure that there club flying accounts are cleared (or in credit) ASAP. Please remember memberships are due on 1st April. Your Committee strongly urges you to renew your existing membership category in full on ...
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Monday 23rd March update

I am sure that many of you like me will have watched the Prime Minister this evening announcing even tougher measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic.  The latest measures are a virtual lock down with non essential shops closed and people required to stay at home and only leave home ...
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Sunday 22 March – Flying Suspended until further notice

Reflecting the rapidly worsening Coronavirus Covid-19 situation, the recent hardening of government guidance on social distancing for everybody and the requirement to avoid all non essential travel, your Committee has unanimously decided to suspend all flying operations at BGGC with immediate effect until further notice. Members may continue to access the ...
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