Aim Higher and Bronze Sylabus Lecture Notes

Aim Higher

The BGGC wants you to aim higher!

Aim Higher is a wide-ranging and long term BGA project which aims to help clubs to support the development of their club pilots by meeting their needs.  And in doing so, encourage everyone to raise their sights on what is possible given the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence.  For more information, please visit the BGA Aim Higher webpage. The BGGC intends to support the Aim Higher initiative in the coming years.  Please check this page regularly, as well as the Events page.

Who is Aim Higher targeted at?

Any post Bronze or licensed pilot. No age limitation. And certainly not aspiration limited. But we have to be realistic about what can be achieved at gliding clubs given limited time, resources and experience. The BGA is very keen to provide what support it can.


The BGA keeps a database of training notes and relevant S&G Articles, see here for details of the latest documents