Latest information for the winch launch team, Maintained by the Winch Master, Douggie Vance.

Latest Winching News

Hi all, With the new Café being opened and attracting lots of keen visitors, it is worth noting that we need to be very vigilant towards new visitors straying too close to the fence and the gates. This is especially ...
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Important Information for all winch drivers In the event of a low level cable break or a simulated power failure at a height where a straight ahead approach and landing are feasible the cable must be stopped and allowed to ...
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Cold starting Many thanks to Lionel and Mike for organising the new socket to connect the booster batteries to the winch, much safer than jump leads.
We are however once again having problems with winch starting particularly first thing in ...
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Latest information for the instructor team, Maintained by the CFI.

Latest Instructors News

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Latest information for the Tug Pilots, Maintained by the Tug Master

Latest Tugging News

This area will be used by the tugmaster for information for the tug pilots ...
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