May 2020 – a successful, albeit limited, return

For those fortunate enough to be able to fly, May has seen a successful return to flying.  Some great weather allowed BGGC pilots to log nearly 22,000 Km of XC on the ladder – plus of course another few thousand Km which didn’t make it onto the ladder. Several badge flights were completed and over the last weekend and many flights broke the 100kph mark as we saw weather that several members compared to the legendary summer of 1976. In addition club single seaters are back in action allowing club pilots to return.

Major thanks to all the tug pilots who have put in some very long days launching large grids of pilots keen to get back flying. Special thanks to Andy S. who came back on 1st of June to tug two long days in a row. Also thanks to Martin G. who has been helping at the launch point, and to Seb who helped us restart winching.

Finally thanks to all the club officials and committee members who have been working hard on risk assessments and setting everything in place to keep us safe, solvent and legal. We still of course await BGA guidance on resuming instructional flying to allow all members to resume.



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