Nympsfield employs a small number of professional instructors (up to three depending on the time of year), but the majority of posts are filled by club members volunteering their time. All flying is overseen by a "chief flying instructor" (CFI) - Greg O'Hagan.

Greg is supported by a team of:

  • Full & Assistant Category Instructors - Who are able to cover all aspects of flying (certain checks and tests may require a Full Category instructor)
  • Basic Instructors - Who carry out trial lesson instruction
  • Cross country Instructors - Provide advanced two seat instruction to qualified pilots

Every weekend and most Bank Holidays the club is run by volunteer "teams" (see the Rota page for details). During the soaring season one or more of our professional staff will be at the club mid week with club instructors covering flyable days out of season when required.

Full Category Instructors

Assistant Instructors

Basic Instructors