Dedicated Learning Weeks

Summer Dedicated Learning Weeks

The Learning Week Programme offers members the opportunity to arrange to fly on an intensive basis with the BGGC professional instructor. During selected weeks  up to 3 people can pre-book to fly with the professional instructor on a dedicated basis, so avoiding the normal issues associated with a crowded flying list.

These weeks will provide an opportunity for students to fly on a regular and reliable basis in order to make faster progress towards indiviual goals. This might include; ab-initio (pre-solo) instruction, bronze preparation and testing, aerobatic and aero-tow training or improving soaring your skills.

Non-members are welcome. If you are a member of another BGA club you will pay standard reciprocal membership fees, if you are not currently a member of a gliding club please contact the office for details.

2019 Schedule

  • 29th April - 3rd May
  • 20th - 24th May
  • 17th - 21st June
  • 15th - 19th July
  • 12th - 16th August
  • 9th - 13th September
  1. Each Dedicated Learning Week will last 5 days from Monday to Friday.
  2. Up to 3 students may arrange to fly on the Dedicated Learning Weeks at a supplementary cost of £100 each.

General Conditions

  1. Bookings may be made up until the start of the course, however additional notice will allow the instructor to tailor the instruction.
  2. A cancellation charge (£50) will be applied where less than one weeks notice of such cancellation is provided.
  3. The dedicated service will be considered to run from 0830 until the end of the normal flying day.
  4. Normal membership, launch and flying rates will apply. Members of other clubs will pay reciprocal membership fees.
  5. The instructor will provide a dedicated service to these members which will consist of both ground instruction (lectures) in addition to flying activities.
  6. Students will be expected to assist in the normal pre and post flying activities, unpacking the hanger, DI'ing etc....
  7. The instructor will provide a normal supervisory service to solo pilots, however instruction will not be available to those that have not paid the supplementary charge. Very limited check flights may be available at the start of the day with the agreement of the course members and professional instructor.
  8. The BGGC reserve the right to cancel a week, offering a full refund, in the event that fewer than 2 people are booked for a course.