Juniors Winter Series 6th/7th April


A number of flights into Wales and the Malvern Hills for the visiting juniors.  Thanks to Trevor (3x flights) and Tim and James plus other visiting two seaters.   Some enjoyed the entertainment of a trip to Usk.

Busy training with 7-8 two seaters operating.

Thanks to Gordon, Fred and others for driving the winch and to Ian Hay and others for the Eurofox launches.


Visibility was the problem today.  Despite this we made the most of it locally.  Graham introduced a new member to the entertainment of a local field landing.  Aircraft was recovered by Xtophe, Kevin, Carol and some Juniors.and pressed back into service with Graham getting straight back in.

The visiting Aston Down 2-seater returned via an 800 foot aerotow which was as high as the vis allowed by the late afternoon.

A busy and entertaining weekend had by all visitors.

Apologies to all those that helped out but have not received a mention

Back to normal next weekend.




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