Chairmans Update 5th June 2020

It is now nearly 2 weeks since we restarted flying at Nympsfield. A detailed update has been sent out to members and can be found here. We’ve managed to get just over half the membership airborne, including the vast majority of instructors and post-Silver C pilots. Winch launching re-started last week with volunteer operations within a closely managed environment, and we’ve developed safe and distanced operating processes for all the key operational aspects of the club. The maintenance team have been working hard on ARC’s and necessary checks and we’re aiming to have all club single seat gliders available very soon.

Of course strict adherence is needed to Covid-19 distancing and hygiene procedures. Within this we are inviting club members who can’t currently fly to come up to the club to participate in launch point and maintenance activities if you can. We’re aiming to get everyone flying as soon as we can, so getting back to speed with ground based operations and helping get everything ready for full operation will assist that.

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