Safety Notices

Hi all,

With the new Café being opened and attracting lots of keen visitors, it is worth noting that we need to be very vigilant towards new visitors straying too close to the fence and the gates. This is especially important in the following circumstances:

  • Driving past the café. Please stick to less than 10mph with the rotating warning lights on. Be aware people could be stepping out of their cars, and there could be children around the area as well.
  • Before/during launching (especially winching). If you see a visitor attempt to walk out onto the airfield, it is essential that you stop them as a matter of urgency. If possible, also stop the launch from taking place.
  • This point mainly applies to winch drivers. During southerly winch launches, please bare in mind the increased risk of the cable falling towards the café. This point must be reiterated clearly. If you are in doubt about launching, do not do so. If you feel pressured into doing so by an instructor, please contact myself so I can assess the situation. If in doubt, don’t launch.
  • Following on from the rule of “don’t cross the field during the hours of daylight”, be aware that the winch team does a lot of maintenance on the winches and cables alike, so the cables may be out even on non-flyable days. This emphasizes the need to go right around the winch.
  • Non winch cleared club members should never be close to the winch during or shortly after a launch.  Recently, some members have been spotted pulling up behind the winch, and watching a launch. This is not acceptable in any manner. If you see a launch in progress, either stop and wait well away from the winch, or clear the winch with plenty of space. Please remember a launch failure can happen at any time, and a glider could be forced to land ahead. Take care when crossing the field and use the perimeter tracks. If you want to show a visitor the winch in action, please ask the duty winch driver or myself. This can then be arranged in a safe format, by those who are trained in the winch.

Thanks to all of the club members for their co-operation with the winch team in the past couple of months, especially as I am still learning the ropes. Remember, we are still looking for winch drivers! If interested in joining the team, email There are no requirements for training, apart from enthusiasm!


Best Regards,
Douggie Vance,
BGGC Winchmaster.

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