9th / 10th June 2018

Saturday 9th June

Andy’s XC course week finished with short 100km tasks flown in challenging low although ultimately reliable conditions.  Graham instructed and Rob BI’d with Andy Smart and Xtophe providing launch services.

Sunday 10th June

Having rehearsed his Silver duration flight in the K8 last weekend (6 hours+) Lucian had another go today, this time with a logger.  He completed 5 hours and 16 minutes.  Not many do 11 hours in a K8 in 8 days, congratulations.  New solo pilot Harry did almost 2 hours in EKF, I guess he is getting the hang of it.  David Ascroft instructed all day with Steve Tromans acting as BI and Ian Hey in the tug.   Once again Xtophe sacrificed the chance to fly by spending all day in the winch.  Anyone wanting to learn to drive the winch should make themselves known to the winchmaster (Seb).  Please remember the club cannot operate without volunteer effort.  A limited number of private  members flew tasks with some venturing briefly into Wales.  Others spent the day fettling.  Martin cleared the undergrowth from around the gas tank.


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