4th July – 2 Seat flying, Larry & Gordon due back

We will extend 2 seat flying from this weekend, with both the DG505 and and ASK21 available for instructional flights – no Trial Flights just yet as we want to concentrate on existing and new club members. Larry and Gordon will return (under the flexible furlough scheme) from Monday 6th July; Welcome back from all of us! We’re also glad to say we have had several new members join. Please note:

  • Members who wish to fly in two seaters must read the two seater risk assessment and follow the procedures and mitigations set out therein.
  • If you wish to fly, and/or require instruction/refresher flights please, remember to signal your intentions and requirements using the “I Am Coming to Fly” calendar function in Freeflight. This is especially important mid-week as Larry and Gordon will only be available when/if there is sufficient demand.
  • Our new members include glider pilots and powered aircraft owners,so if you see a new face looking lost or doing something in a different way please introduce yourself and help them out. Remember first impressions count, so Please take some time to welcome and help our new members and make their first experiences at Nympsfield a good and friendly one.

Full text of the chairman’s message can be found on the Committee News page.

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