25th / 26th January 2020


With a couple of trainees looking to fly Xtophe prepared the field when it was just flyable.  However by the time he was ready to launch the windmill had disappeared and the winch was fading from view.  So the toys went away.

After that it became apparent that Kevin had got  the K21 into a state where it was ready to leave its place of warmth, hence so every thing came out including 2x tugs, with one propeller between them.  The K21 was rigged ready for weighing and deflections.  However with the weather becoming more grim (wet and cold) interest faded and all the kit went away.

Thanks to Mark and Duncan for their enthusiasm despite the fact that flying was never really on the cards.


Rubbish.  Despite this Kevin persisted fitted the K21 R-clips which had defeated us in the cold yesterday.

Thanks to the whole of the Thursday night team for completing the K21, it really is nearly ready to fly.  In particular we owe Kevin Neave a special debt of thanks for the many hours he has put in, often alone, in addition to the Thursdays.

Next up the Big Grob.



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