2018 so far….

As we return to “normal” UK summer weather for a few days it might be time to look at 2018 so far. Despite a very slow start to the XC seasonĀ  Nympsfield has passed the 100,000Km flown point on the ladder, with 107,540Km flown from site, of which 99,864Km was by BGGC or BUGC members. Of course our own members have been travelling this month to various competitions, and the total for BGGC/BUGC members is 105,047Km at all sites, with an average flight of over 280Km.

Trevor leads the BGGC ladders, with 13,667Km and over 28,000 points, which is enough to hold (for the moment at least!) the number one spot on the overall BGA Open Ladder…..

Still the rest of August and September to go!

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