Thursday Evening – 10th Aug

With no gliders to work on at the moment the Thursday evening party decided to go flying instead.

(Although Martin did have a quick look at the back end of the club LS4)

The 2nd K8 (DUK) was test flown after its Anual / ARC / Glue inspection and nothing fell off.

Kevin is now current on K8 Aerotows, one every 8 years whether he needs to or not.

Kevin then sat in the back of 913, Carol flew in the back of P70, and various members of the evening party brushed off the rust in the front seats. Many thanks to Maatey (Must learn how to write this with the proper accents) for the tows.

In the kitchen a new tin opener was provided and Tony cooked.

Enough bowls have been returned for us to eat dessert, but the cover (bucket) for the roll of blue towel has gone missing.

Unfortuately the electric vario in DUK is U/S. If anyone has installed an all singing / all dancing computer in their glider and has a redundant, simple, but working 80mm vario can they let me know. My last “spare” was installed in FDF then promptly disappeared with the glider!


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