Task Week – the story so far. (To Wed 4th)

The week got off to a fair start on Saturday, with A Class completing 146k to Banbury into a fairly stiff headwind and initially blue conditions that finally gave shallow cu to 5k’ at Banbury. At least the FG back were easy!! Day was won by Alison at 61,6kph. None of the B class completed. Sunday was scrubbed at briefing. Monday presented a challenging day with another brisk ENEasterly and solidly blue but very broken conditions, with three landouts/technical landouts. Task setting was made complicated by Little Ris’ skydiving all day, so a compromise 160k dogleg of MOR-BAN-WCB was set for ‘A’ Class, won by Steve in ‘LT’ at 66,3kph. Carol completed the 100k O/r MOR at 61,7kph to win the ‘B’ Class. No task was set on Monday as the wind was even stronger and forecast conditions very poor, but Graham managed a free distance of 183k to win the day. Today a 130k BID-GRM was set for ‘A’ and o/r BID for ‘B’, more in hope than expectation. At time of writing a few stalwarts are still to be accounted for, but the majority landed back very quickly. Sid

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