Sunday 7th January 2018.

The first flying day of the year and not a bad one at that with clear skies and a moderate and at times quite strong North Easterly.

Not a huge list, the Uni students are not really back yet, however a number of check flights, a couple of trial lessons and a few ab-initio pilots kept Alan and myself busy.

Trevor and some visitors from Northill disappeared to Wales and the Malverns respectively.  I know that Trevor climbed to >10000′ in wave at Talgarth in order to get back so it cannot have been that bad!

After flying in the morning the big Grob was derigged (thanks Kevin) with its ARC to start next week.  It has joined its baby brother whose ARC is also underway.  Many thanks to Andy Davis and Nick Baldock for leading this activity.  I am sure they would appreciate help.  Note the baby Grob may well be out of action for a while as the hanger door wing damage is unlikely to be a quick fix.  A project to address the state of the south hanger doors will likely start soon as we cannot continue to allow preventable damage to occur to your club equipment.

The day ended with an informative presentation regarding the Brize Norton and Kidlington Airspace Change Proposals by Steve Noujaim.



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