Sunday 3rd December

Whilst the kit was out on time things moved slowly initially due to the low cloudbase and occasional drizzle forcing a retreat to the Cafe.  Things gradually got better allowing Xtophe and myself to make progress on the list.  Will did some prep for his Bronze flying test.  Various returning BUGC students and others progressed.  Various pilots flew EKF.  Lucian and Henry had long soaring flights in the K8 preventing Steve Eyles from winning the day when he was forced out of the sky by the increasing darkness.

Another winch driver discovered that the diesel tank is not like the magic honey pot, it occasionally needs to be topped up.

Thanks, in no particular order,  to George and Andy who spent all day helping out but ended up only doing only one trial lesson and tow.  To Scott who drove the winch and provided instruction to Andy Shearn and to all those who helped at the launch point.

A very special thanks to Seb and Neil who worked into the evening to sort a bus brake issue.  The club is indebted to people that will sacrifice their time to support important, but less glamourous parts of the operation.


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