Sunday 18th November

Another busy day with a single 2-seater.  Tried to satisfy all but failed with a couple of BUGC trial flights going un-flown despite an early start.  Sorry.

Quite rough in a moderate easterly with a bit of local wave which prevented Rose converting to a single seater, but it will not be long.  Ben, Oli and Lucian all flew the Baby Grob whilst Harry looked after HXM.

The queue for the K21 gets longer with Ed, Mike, Mark and Joe all waiting patiently for a nice day.

Carol flew a limited number of trial lessons whilst Gavin helped with the instructing.

Chris tugged, Scottie drove the winch whilst Kevin (who instructed yesterday) helped to organise things on the ground.

Oli would have started his BI training, but the sun went down.

Trevor, David and Rob all took advantage of falling oil prices to raise the pollution levels in Wales demonstrating that whilst there was ultimately wave ultimately to 11000 feet it wasn’t a classic Welsh day.

Elsewhere Gill, Richard and Neil hosted a bonfire (small) in the car park.



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