Sunday 16th

Not a very inspiring start, with lots of low cloud, but enough breaks in the stratus to get the Big Grob out & to get the kit DI’d. The prospects for aerotowing were slim enough to cancel trial lessons so the tug stayed in the hangar all day. Thanks to Douggie for standing in for the AWOL winch driver. As the cloud lifted and broke enough to winch the toys were taken to the launchpoint & flying got underway. First launch ran into cloud at about 1100 ft but enough lift under the cloud made it possible to run out to the very weak W ridge and loiter there until P2s nerve failed and ran for home. A short delay caused by a non-starting winch and resulting winch swap gave time for the cloud to lift and break up;  from there on it was a fairly straightforward instructing day with wind varying slightly either side of West and the W ridge soaring prospects varying accordingly.

Congratulations to Dan Tierney and to Tom Bungard for converting to the baby Grob on what was an ideal day for that sort of thing. There was even a little bit of thermal soaring at the end of the day before rain stopped play around 17:00.

Thanks to all who helped out around the launch point AM and to Greg for doing the same PM.

Most of all thanks to Douggie for standing in at the winch and providing launches all day.



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