Sunday 11th Feb, another ridge day!

Sunday dawned sunny and cold, large snow/sleet showers threatened from the West but kept away till the afternoon. A good turnout with half a dozen gliders heading down to Bath  (including Dave A in 913) and Alison took LS4 to LCL using the winter thermals to assist the ridge. A brisk West to WNW made for some interesting approaches, our Chairman aired out the Arcus for a couple of flights, Graham did some instructor training and our CFI retrieved his glider from Roger’s, fixed the electrics, flew, fixed the puncture on the car and then had to clean all the mud off again ready for Roger.  Meanwhile Sid was busy in the workshop on P70’s ARC and the various folks stuffed down the Sunday lunches in the cafe.

The instructing team kept busy, the Ka8 kept higher than anyone on the ridge and lots of flying done by all. Thanks to Christophe for winching and everyone else who helped/instructed/push gliders around in the mud etc.

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