Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th July


Cannot remember much I am afraid:

  • Sid’s task week finished with a another good day.
  • Alison, Rob and Tim did 500+.
  • Numerous others did 300+ including the DG.  Henry discovered it isn’t always easy.
  • Jordan tugged, sorry cannot remember who drove the winch but thankyou.
  • AJ and Laurent flew the trial lessons.
  • Russ instructed.


I can remember a bit more:

  • Jordan completed his first 500km in his Libelle.  Some might call it a busman’s holiday.
  • Will gave up his flying to drive the winch all day.  Note this is the second time in a fortnight he has done this.  Please take note.  We cannot fly unless all contribute.
  • Tim did 600km.
  • Others completed 450+ (Sid and Alison (970) and Steve).  The DG did the 366km task.
  • Oli did 300km in EKF, well done.  Not many have done this.
  • Laurent completed an O/R to Membury.
  • Graham instructed, Nick tugged.  George covered the trial lessons.
  • Steve K landed out near Chippenham and needed a lift, train and taxi to self retrieve.  A pity no one was able to fetch him earlier.
  • Lemmy collected the plate.

Apologies to all that I have missed.

Note, could the person who has hidden Sundays log sheets please return them.  They are valuable.



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