Saturday – 17th Nov

A damp & gloomy start to the day with cloud too low even to winch delayed the start of flying by about an hour. Once we got going the DG was in the air pretty much non-stop with only a few minutes towing back to the launch point for each flight.

Many thanks to team Macfad, Geralyn in the tug despite the cold and Tim as 2nd instructor allowing briefing / debriefing to be done while the previous / next pupil was in the air. A little bit of prodding got the buggy drivers into the swing of setting off to retrieve the DG while it was in circuit rather than waiting for it to land. (A couple of minutes saved per launch can add up to an hour or so at the end of the day)

Bad light, poor vis and canopy misting brought flying to a close just after 4ish.

Many thank to all who helped around the launchpoint and to Seb at the other end of the winch wire.


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