Trial Lessons

An introduction to the world of gliding or just a fabulous treat. Have a go at the controls, or simply enjoy the stunning views

Free Instruction

In general most people who can learn to drive can learn to fly a glider! Our instructors provide free training, so you just pay for your membership and the flights and you can start to learn at any age from 13 to 70+.

...and much more

We are a Junior Gliding Centre (you can go solo from age 14), offer Advanced and Improver training, and have an active cross-country and social scene

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Gliding At Nympsfield

What is Gliding

Challenging, peaceful or highly competitive, gliding is a sport that offers a whole range of opportunities. You can drift silently along enjoying the sky and the country below, sharing a thermal with a circling buzzard. You can climb to heights where you breathe oxygen and your fingers stiffen from the cold, or you can spend your day improving your skills or helping others.