Thursday Evening – 20th July

A break from glider maintenance for the Thursday evening party as we flew one of the few Trial Lesson parties this year. Many thanks to the “normal” Thursday evening crew on the ground, plus Andy, Elaine & Roy. Carol & Kevin flew, Maatey stood in for Ian Hey in the tug while Ian shuffled tugs around the country for the AD comps. Andrew Ward cooked and discovered a complete lack ...
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Sunday 16th

Not a very inspiring start, with lots of low cloud, but enough breaks in the stratus to get the Big Grob out & to get the kit DI’d. The prospects for aerotowing were slim enough to cancel trial lessons so the tug stayed in the hangar all day. Thanks to Douggie for standing in for the AWOL winch driver. As the cloud lifted and broke enough to winch the toys ...
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Club News and Social

Tues 25th July Task Week-Day 2

A better looking start to the day with low early Cu, however this dissipated to make it almost unsoarable locally until after midday. An extremely mixed soaring day ensued with very patchy climbs under what looked like good Cu, which got ever bigger as the day progressed to produce some isolated very heavy showers by late afternoon. Several people got round the 287k ‘A’ Class task of Bridgenorth-Hereford-Stratford, whch was ...
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Mon 24th July Tsk Week-Day1

A rather intimidating start with a brisk northerly making launches exciting. ‘A’ class were set 214k  to Lower Clopton  then Westbury. A rather overcast sky discouraged early starts and a few trickled off up the ridges using the patchy ridge-boosted thermals. By mid afternoon, the skies opened up a bit with reasonable cu to 3,500ft enabling some attempts at the final TP, but made difficult by the return into wind, ...
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Other News

Web Site in development

We are continuing to build the website and more information will be transferred here over the next few weeks. We hope that regular updates from the committee will appear in this section, and we will add committee minutes and newsletters as they appear. Please be patient while this work proceeds, in the meanwhile historical information can be found the old website ...
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