Junior Nationals 19th - 27th August 2017

The Bristol & Gloucestershire Gliding Club was proud to host the 2017 British Junior Gliding Championship. This turned out to be a competition that demanded a great deal of patience both by the 55 pilots and the Nympsfield contest team. We were greatly helped by Sid with his long history of met forecasts and Trevors ability to get the very best out of the weather with his years of task setting. Stephen Jones as our Director made a major contribution by holding the grid until the sky was ready to support 55 gliders and the organisation managed to launch all gliders within the hour.

The  patience  of the competitors was rewarded with 6 contest days, each with its own challenges for the wide range of abilities and gliders. Yes there were outlandings, many close to Nympsfield, however our farmers had played a part by cutting most of the corn late last week! In fact we had one day with an interesting group of four contestants in the same field who decided that perhaps they had discovered a new site for BGGC! Perhaps it was a new presentation of the TV programme "Four in a Bed"?

Six days of contest flying with an ever increasing task size and task completion. On the last very sunny day we had an oustanding performance by Martyn Cobham in the oldest wooden glider in the competition completing the task in his Zugovogel 3b.

After displays of team flying from Jake and Tom in an example of just how competitive our British team
has become, Jake demonstrated on the last day that he was determined to take the 2017 UK trophy with a fine display to win by a clear margin and take the day prize as well. It was also a marker of the strength of Junior flying that they produced the largest class of any European contest this year with 55 pilots in one class, exceeded  only byLashams  61 pilots in three classes.

The organisation and launching of the grid was a tribute to our cadets and leader Dougie  Vance who demonstrated his command of the rules and to get every one into line, three abreast, on what is a narrow field. The relights were soon recovered and sent on their way again without any disruption to the launch stream. This was an expert display by the tug pilots who were managed  by the director and into the hands of the waiting rope runner.

Behind the scenes our own Emily managed the Robocomp facility from control with calm precision and exactness in tandem with the famous four on the balcony laying a paper trail from launch to final finish. We were introduced

to a novel retrieve system where some pilots had no hook on the car or in a couple of cases no car either! It all worked as early finishers soon appeared at control to go and collect the outlanders. A wonderful example of the Juniors camaraderie in action. They have been a pleasure to host and to entertain and to deliver true Nympsfield hospitality as exampled by the charming and hard working staff in the Old Flying Club.

Many thanks also go to all of our sponsors and to everyone, members, crews, Juniors team and club staff who helped out, and of course to all of our sponsors.

For the final results see SoaringSpot

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